My name is Tom Twomey. I am a PhD student studying computer architecture at the University of Michigan. Below are some more details and my contact info.



I got my undergraduate education at Virginia Tech attaining bachelor’s degrees in computer science and economics. While a student I had the opportunity to do research with the SyNeRGy Lab under Dr. Feng looking into productivity of FPGAs in HPC environments. After graduating I spent a couple years with the Montague Lab developing deep neural networks to gain insights into neurotransmitter dynamics in awake human brains.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in neuromorphic approaches to novel computer architectures. Specifically how we can leverage our insights into the functionality of the human brain to create computer architectures that have more of the brain’s desirable characteristics. Further I am interested in the questions of: How do we create hardware that implements effective local learning rules? How can use sparse spatio-temporal encodings to create architectures that scale in 3d?


You can find my resume here.


I am doing research in George Tzimpragos’s lab at the University of Michigan.

Current Projects:

Race Logic in Image Sensing

I am currently working on applications of race logic in vision sensors. The logic here is that with digital temporal signals one can avoid costly analog to digital converters and do processing in the time domain with ver low power requirements. After the temporal processing, a reduced amount of information can be converted to a binary digital representation for further use.


You can reach me by email at